We dedicate Police Cars of Oregon to everyone who protects us 24/7. The patrol car is an important part of law enforcement work. It's actually an office on wheels with a radio, a phone and a computer. You see them day and night patrolling our streets, highways and transporting criminals. There are all kinds of different colors, graphics and several manufactures of patrol vehicles.  We have the largest collection of photo's and video's of Oregon Law Enforcement vehicles on the internet!  Police Cars of Oregon would not be possible without your help. You make this web site what it is. Visit you local agency and take some pictures and email the photos to policecarsoforegon@gmail.com 

National Police Car Archives
All photos by the webmaster were taken in public view or with permission from the agency. Photos may not be used without permission, just email and ask. copyrighted 2001-2014

Police, Sheriff, OSP Cars of Oregon

Army Guy Emergency Vehicles
Help Find Kyron Horman. He's been missing since June 4, 2010
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Citizen Volunteers in Policings ext.
Northwest EMS and FIRE (NWEMSF)
New Chevy, Ford, Dodge and other law enforcement agencies​
GPD Patrol Car to CVIP Car
Police Cars of Oregon-2
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Northwest New Generation Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford Police Vehicles
Demo & Concept Vehicles for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS.
Law Enforcement Vehicles in Oregon